(jar of 50 gm Cream)

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Xerina Cream contains Glycolic acid. Glycolic Acid is used as an exfoliant and helps remove dead cells. Xerina Cream moisturizes and exfoliates rough dry skin. It is generally used as a moisturizer for the feet, keeping them soft and supple as well as helping cracks and sores heal. Xernia cream is ideal for dry skin and can also be used on the elbows and other areas where skin is dry. 
Directions for use:
1) Wash affected areas and pat dry. 
2) Apply cream (1-2 Gms) to affected areas and rub in. when absorbed, apply once more.
3) Then wash off after 8 hours. 
4) Apply as needed 2-3 times daily
Note: For best results, apply to feet at night and wear socks to bed. 
Warning: Do not use the cream on your lips or any external wounds.
Use under Medical supervision.