(bottle of 60 capsules)

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Vuaxo Herbals Advanced Jamun Extract Capsule contains Jamun, a native fruit of India grown on the evergreen tropical tree known as the java plum. It is rich in dietary fibres, essential fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins. Jamun is considered to be a blood cleanser that may help clean the system and promote healthy circulation of blood and oxygen through the body. Jamun is also known to be antibacterial. This may promote healthy skin and fewer skin irritation problems. It may regulate body functions to maintain its health. Jamun extract has multiple health benefits for both men and women including controlling diabetes and controlling sugar.

Key Ingredients:
Jamun Extract

Key Benefits:
  • There is a good amount of vitamin C and other antioxidants in Jamun, which may help to increase the strength of the immune system
  • Seeds of Jamun are rich in flavonoids, a powerful antioxidant which may improve the overall functioning of the immune system. The seeds also contain high amounts of phenolic compounds, which are known to have powerful antioxidant activity
  • Vitamins C and A are abundant in Vuaxo Advanced Jamun Extract, which may help in improving digestion. It may help in the proper functioning of the digestive system due to its extremely soothing and cooling effect
  • This is a great dietary supplement to consume daily. It may also help to regularize liver function and keep it healthy
  • Jamun extract is also known to have properties that may aid with better oral health. This is a great supplement for people of all ages

Directions For Use:
Take 2 tablets twice a day regularly before breakfast and dinner with lukewarm water.

Safety Information:
  • Pregnant and nursing mothers, children under the age of 18 years and individuals with known medical conditions should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement
  • Read the label carefully before use
  • Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight
  • Keep out of reach of the children