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Smart Care Electronic Digital Bathroom Weighing Scale SC-0181 Glass Top is a high precision digital weighing machine with strain gauge sensor to give the accurate reading of weight. The digital display makes it more user-friendly. It is useful for fitness freaks and for people who always need to monitor the changes in their body weight.

It is used to track the precise and accurate reading of body weight.

Product Specifications and Features:
  • High precision with in-built strain gauge sensors
  • Tempered glass platform for protecting the glass top from scratches and damage
  • Has error indication and is equipped with auto-off feature
  • Operates on two AAA batteries
  • Good visibility and precise reading of the digits due to white digits display
  • Digital display with 100g division ensures accurate precision in reading
  • Has a skid proof and user friendly design
  • Device has a weighing capacity of the range from 3 kg- 180kg

Directions For Use:
Stand on the glass top to take the reading. Stand straight with chins up without any support. Wait for the reading to be constant to get the most precise result.

Safety Information:
  • To save its battery, device comes to you in off mode
  • Do not jump on the glass top
  • Do not stand on it with a jerk
  • Protect it from getting wetting

This product is non-returnable.