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Smart Care BP Monitor Watch is an object that measures blood pressure. This device is an important part of the blood pressure monitor apparatus. The dial gauge can be calibrated easily. It aims to provide precise and accurate results.

This monitor watch is used to measure the pulse rate that provides more useful insights into the wearer's health.

Product Specifications and Features:
  • Provided with a very clear display for easy reading
  • Lower range limit of blood pressure reading is 20 mm
  • Upper range limit of blood pressure reading is 300 mm
  • Made with aluminum-zinc alloy casting
  • Comes with nickel and chromium coating to avoid rusting
  • Crystal cover glass that is more resistant to breakages or cracks than any ordinary glass
  • Has scratch resistant high quality glass

Directions For Use:
Use bellow and cuff to track the BP and watch the reading on the BP motor watch.

Safety Information:
  • Protect from physical damage
  • Check its accuracy by taking it the doctor’s office and verify
  • Keep away form children
  • Store in a clean and dry place

This product is non-returnable.