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Smart Care BP Monitor Rubber Bag Latex is the most essential part of blood pressure measuring apparatus made up of high quality materials to give the perfect precision. The rubber bag is made up of finest quality latex to ensure the most precise reading of the blood pressure. The monitor bulb with valve latex provides precise readings with almost no scope of calibration errors. The automated device is compact and fluent by design and structure which allows it to be portable and handy.

It is used by patients to measure BP at home or office.

Product Specifications and Features:
  • Has compact and fluent design
  • Suitable for all type of mercurial and aneroid blood pressure monitors
  • Made from high quality latex to give accuracy in precision
  • Large size to avoid frequent damage

Directions For Use:
Like the conventional sphygmomanometer, wrap the cuff around the hand and inflated to create the pressure. Then the automated machine connected with the cuff displays the accurate blood pressure of the user.

Safety Information:
  • Keep the device in a cool and dry place
  • Do not wash it or rinse it with water
  • Keep the device boxed when not in use
  • Handle the device with care

This product is non-returnable.