(packet of 10 diapers)

Sara Healthcare

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Sara Care Adult Diaper is meant for all day protection from incontinence in both men and women. It has high absorption and dryness capabilities.

For protection from urine incontinence

Salient Features:
  • High absorption and dryness capabilities allow the product to be used for severe cases of incontinence
  • Less diapers are needed as the product absorbs high levels of urine
  • Special wetness indicator shows when the diaper needs to be changed
  • Double refasten able tapes allow numerous fastenings
  • Provides greater security the diaper comfortably over the user
  • Strong polyethylene cover protects clothes and linen
  • Elastic leg cuffs (barriers) provide extra protection against leakage
  • Available sizes: M (28-48 inches), L (38-60 inches), XL (48-68 inches)

Directions For Use:
  • Roll the person to their side away from you. Take the product and slide it between the legs from the front to the back
  • Take the far ends of the product and cover the bottom carefully. The blue marking on the outer side is the wetness indicator and it should be parallel to the perineum. Return the person to their back; stretch out the right and left side tapes so that it is easier to wrap the brief around the user
  • Place the front part of the brief on the abdomen so that the blue marking is vertical to the navel
  • Fasten the tapes on each side

Safety Information:
  • Do not flush the diaper
  • Do not use the diaper again
  • Keep out of the reach of children

This product is non-returnable.