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RespoKare Anti-Pollution Mask is the only mask in the market that protects the wearer from both PM2.5 particulates and toxic gases like NO2. It is a 5-layer mask with Technologically Advanced Materials which allow the wearer to breathe cleaner air. 
The RespoKare Anti-Pollution Mask is the first personal protection product with the capability to neutralize hazardous oxidizing gases in air pollution:
Filters ≥ 98.5% of PM2.5 particulates.
The Active Respo Layer neutralizes ≥ 90% Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), and other toxic gases including Sulfur Dioxide (SO2).
The unique design of “NO2 Indicator System” allows easy identification of the level of NO2 in air pollution, and also a mean to indicate the longevity of the mask when contacting air pollutants.
Weight wise Suggested size: Regular - 65+ Kg, Small - 35-64 kg, Kids - 20-34 kg.
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