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Prelipid capsule is a recommended health supplement for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.
Prelipid capsule is used for the treatment of high cholesterol,it effectively lower the cholesterol and triglyceride level.It contains Black pepper extract, Folic acid,Grape seed extract,Vitamin B3 and Red yeast rice extract.
Benefits of Prelipid capsules:
Reduce Body's natural cholesterol production
Provides antioxidant support to protect blood vessels
Improves Cardiac muscle tone
Reduces inflammation in the arteries
Maintain fluidity of blood
One 500-mg capsule twice daily, by mouth, with or without food. It’s best to take one capsule in the morning and one at night about 10 – 12 hours apart.
Even people on prescription medicines can benefit by adding Prelipid to their therapy.
Use under medical supervision.