(box of 200 gm Churna)

Planet Ayurveda

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Planet Ayurveda Navkarshik Churna contains Amla, Haritaki, Bahera, Vacha, Neem, Manjistha Katuki, Giloy, Daruhaldi. It is very effective for gouty arthritis, especially when uric acid is very high and the toe joint is involved. It is also effective for other types of arthritis as it removes the toxins from the body. 
Benefits of Planet Ayurveda Navkarshik Churna:
It is an immunomodulator and improves immunity. 
It also acts as an anti – inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-infection. 
It helps to relieve pain with ease. It helps to strengthen the joints and ligaments.
It helps to purify the blood and corrects the metabolism of the body and is useful in relieving every type of pain.
Directions of use:
take 1–2 teaspoonfuls of Navkarshik Churna, three times in a day or as directed by the Physician. 
This powder must be taken only after meals and should be taken with plain water only. The patient is requested not to exceed the recommended dosage.
Use under medical supervision.