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OPPO CERVICAL COLLAR is a specially designed medical device, commonly known as neck brace offers the most comfort support to the person’s neck and can be used to treat chronic medical conditions.

Uses: It is mainly used to support a person’s neck after an injury or during cervical fracture and cervical spondylosis. It can also be used to support neck after surgery.

Product Specifications and Features:
  • Height Adjustable: Provides desired flexion or extension positioning
  • Viny-covered foam padding: provides comfort and ventilation which allows air circulation
  • Easy Application and removal: Hook up and loop closure for quick, easy application and removal

Directions for use:
  • Apply the collar to the neck with the chin on the chin rest
  • Adjust the height of the cervical collar using the hook and loop straps to decide the proper position of the head
  • Before attaching the hook and loop closure strap, make sure the head and neck are in neutral position
  • Fasten the hook and loop strap securely

Safety Information:
  • Read the user manual carefully before use
  • Keep out of the reach of children