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Product information:
3M Standard Surgeon Caps
The Angelsounds JPD-100S comes with an audio output which can be connected with headphone for simple auscultation or simple listening, or be connected to a recorder device to record baby's heartbeat to a CD, MP3, a PC, a cell phone or another storage medium of your choice to share the happiness with your friends and family members.

Salient features of 3M Standard Surgeon Caps:
- Features: Lovely appearance, compact design and portable
- Simple one-button operation, controlling power and volume as well. - Double-channel audio socket design enables it to provide synchronous audio output signals, accessible for headphones or recording devices.
- Audio signals can be transmitted to another recording device through attached recording cable.
- High sensitive ultrasound probe can detect movement sounds of fetal cardiovascular wall at the 16th week of gestation.
- Unique manufacturing technology is adopted to generate clear fetal heart sound by minimizing ultrasound noise.
- Ultrasonic frequency: 3.0MHZ
- Battery: 9V
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