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Inlife Breast Enlargement Cream is made from natural herbs, which gives a complete care to breast.This specially formulated cream is packed with powerful extracts that may support cell growth, cell rejuvenation and cell renewal.
The cream gets well absorbed into skin and supports the growth of tissues around bust. The ingredients present in the cream penetrate deep into the cells and nourish them from within.
Ideal for – Females above 16 years of age.

Key Benefits:
Natural herbal product
Helps to maintain healthy size
Helps to improve the contours
Helps cell growth, rejuvenation & renewal
Penetrates deep into the cell & nourishes

Direction of use:
Apply Inlife Breast enlargement cream gently around the breast lining and massage in upward and outward direction for 2-3 min. Massage untill the cream is absorbed completely.For best results apply twice daily.

Use under medical supervision