(strip of 30 soft gelatin capsules)

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E-Cod Omega Capsule is a supplement containing Cod liver oil, Tocotrienol, Vitamin E, Wheat germ oil. A combination of Vitamin E, Cod liver oil, fish oil, Wheat germ, Tocotrienol, saturated fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, monounsaturated fatty acid, is recommended as oral nutritional supplement in Vitamin E and Vitamin A deficicencies. The active constituents of cod liver oil alleviate the negative impact of prolonged restraint stress on cognitive functions of male Wistar rats.In a study, administration statistically significantly prevented the deleterious effects of chronic restraint stress on recall and the spatial memory. Thus, cod liver oil may benefit people at risk of memory issues.

E-Cod Omega Capsule is recommended in arthritis, cholesterol and cardiovascular events, cognitive impairment, diabetes mellitus, fracture, liver issues and musculoskeletal pain

Use under medical supervision.