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Reckeweg R7 Liver and Gallbladder Drop is exclusively made for the diseases of liver and gallbladder. It comprises well-known homoeopathic ingredients that have therapeutic actions on the disorders.

Key Ingredients:
  • Carduus marianus
  • Chelidonium
  • Cholesterinum
  • Colocynthis
  • Lycopodium
  • Nux vomica
Key Benefits:
  • It helps to overcome fatigue
  • It is useful in dealing with problems of liver and gallbladder
  • Helps to counter flatulence, constipation and lack of appetite
Directions For Use:
  • It is recommended to take 10 to 15 drops in some water before meals 3 times a day
  • If no improvement occurs within 8 to 14 days, take 10 to 15 drops 4 to 6 times a day and reduce the dose when the condition improves
  • Even after improvement, take the drops 1 to 3 times a day for a longer period while watching diet rigorously
Safety Information:
  • Read the label carefully before use
  • Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight
  • Keep out of reach of children