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Dimpu Hot Water Bag Plain helps in providing relief from all kinds of muscular pain and provides the best heat therapy for the strained and tired muscles.

It is used to give relief from arthritic pain, rheumatic and back pain.

Product Specification and Features:
  • Soft fibre provides comfort and full coverage of the injured area
  • Provides instant relief from muscular and menstrual pain
  • The small and compact design makes it more handy and easy to carry
Directions For Use:
  • When filling the bottle do not use boiling water
  • Fill to a maximum of two-third capacities
  • Check the bottle for any leakage by holding the bottle in an upside-down position
  • Expel air by lowering carefully onto a flat surface until water appears at the opening
  • Screw the stopper sufficiently tight to ensure that there is no leakage
Safety Information:
  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • Read the manual carefully
  • Keep out of the reach of children