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Dermadew is a dermatological preparation indicated for various disorders of the skin, especially dry skin. 
Dermadew contains Aloe Vera gel 10% w/w and glycerin 10% w/w in a moisturizing lotion base of dimethicone and hydrogenated polydecene.
Role of key ingredients:
Aloe Vera is an extract from the leaves of the plant Aloe Vera. It contains 90% water, inorganic compounds, protein and acemannan. Acemannan transports nutrients to the cells and nourishes them. Glycerin is a sugar alcohol; it improves smoothness by binding water to the skin and prevents moisture loss.
Dermadew aloe moisturizes and protects the skin and is useful for various dry skin conditions.
Directions of use: 
Apply in adequate amounts two or three time a day by gentle massage. 
Use under medical supervision