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Deemark Magic 8 In 1 Massager helps to relax and reduce the overall body tensions and pain. It improves the blood circulation and increases the body metabolism. The streamlined design is light and helps to relax the muscles and eliminates the pain that has been causes due to some twisting or sports injury.

The massager is used to help people relax and improve the circulation of blood and calms the muscles.

Product Specification and Features:
  • Provides relaxation to the muscles and eliminates pain caused by sporting activities
  • Comes with eight attachment options with speed adjusting function
  • Vibrating massage may help to relieve fatigue and relax the whole body stress
  • Relaxes the body with 8 attachments which enables convenient massage of any part of the body such as: head, neck, shoulder, back, chest, hand and improve blood circulation and muscle flexibility
  • Eliminates the feeling of drowsiness and pain around the temple areas and other brain points
  • Fast massage speed can stretch tensive muscle and slow massage speed can help to ease muscular pain

Directions For Use
Use the product as directed in the manual.

Safety Information:
  • Read the label carefully before use
  • Keep out of reach of the use
  • Avoid and damage to the product

This product is non-returnable.