(tube of 100 ml Face Wash)

Ayur Herbals

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Ayur Herbal Cucumber face wash is an herbal formula enriched with the extracts of cucumber and wheat germ oil.
Cucumber's moisturizing properties re-hydrates skin cells, while wheat germ oil restores skin oil and nourishes dull and lifeless skin.
Wheat germ oil also brightens and lightens the skin texture.
Ayur face wash is a unique combination of deep cleansing components which help in removing dead cells and protect the skin from harsh pollutants and exterior impurities. The Ayur Herbal Cucumber face wash which boasts of its cooling properties, helps in rich cleansing and provides soothing effect to the skin.

Directions for use:
Moisten your face with water
Take a small quantity of herbal face wash on your palm
Apply using a gentle circular motion Rinse well

Use under medical supervision