(packet of 100 gm Face Pack)

Ayur Herbals

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Ayur Cucumber Face Pack contains cucumber extract. This ayur face pack is useful for cleaning the skin, restoring skin texture damaged due to environmental pollutants, for improving skin complexion, and for softening the skin. The pack particularly benefits those with dehydrated and dry skin. Role of Key Ingredient The ingredient in the Ayur Cucumber Face Pack acts as a natural cleanser to refresh and eliminate pollutants from the skin. It also confers hydrating and moisturizing effects to make the skin soft. Astringent property of the component improves complexion.

Directions for Use
1. Clean application area.
2. Take the required quantity of face pack mix in a bowl.
3. Add rose water and mix thoroughly.
4. Apply pack on the dry skin area.
5. Leave for five minutes.
6. Massage gently using a circular motion.
7. Rinse off.