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Zerostat VT Spacer is a non-static small volume chamber which holds the medicine so that you have enough to inhale it comfortably. It allows the medicine to reach the lungs with minimal deposition in the mouth or throat. The transparent inhaler spacer is easy to use and allows you to obtain full benefits of the medicine.   Direction for use Remove the mouth piece cap from the inhaler Shake the inhaler well and insert it at the back end of the Zerostat VT Spacer Press the canister and release the dose into the inhaler spacer Remove the cap from Zerostat VT Spacer Release your breath and close your lips around the mouth piece to create a good seal Breath in deeply and slowly through your mouth Remove the inhaler spacer from your mouth and hold the breath for 30 seconds or as long as comfortable Repeat the process for second dose   Use under medical supervision.
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Zerostat VT Spacer