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K4 tablet is highly effective Ayurvedic remedy. It is a broad spectrum urinary antiseptic. It contains Chandraprabha, Guduchi, Kanyalohadi, Haridra, Bhavna of Bilva Patra Swaras and Karela Swaras. It clears urinary tract infection and prevents recurrence. It helps to decongest urethral obstruction. It helps to disintegrate and expel urinary calculi. 
Relief from nagging symptoms such as:
Frequent urge to pass urine at night. 
Dribbling, slowness and difficulty in passing urine. 
Poor stream and feeling of incomplete voiding. 
Burning micturition. 
K4 tablet exerts diuretic and antiseptic action, brings about decongestant and soothing effect on the inflamed mucous membrane of the urogenital tract. K4 tablets are used inUrinary tract infections, urethritis, burning micturition, crystalluria, renal and urinary calculi, cystitis.
For UTI, 2 tablets twice a day with water or milk for 2-4 weeks. 
In Burning micturition, 2 tablets twice a day for 4-5 days. 
For renal and urinary calculi, 2 tablets for 2-4 months or till the stones are flushed out. 
To prevent recurrence after surgical/non surgical removal of calculi, 2 tablets twice a day for the first month and thereafter 1 tablet twice a day for next 4-5 months.
As directed by the Physician
Use under medical supervision
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