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West-Coast Previt Original Tablet is a prenatal supplement to provide essential nutritional care for women who are pregnant or are planning for pregnancy. An excellent source of Vitamins it contains 19 essential vitamins and minerals that provide essential nutrition that is required during pregnancy. It has been carefully formulated to safeguard dietary requirements for mother and baby.

Key Ingredients:
 Vitamins(D,E,K,C,B1,B2,B3,B6,B5,B7,B12)
 Folic Acid
 Magnesium
 Iron
 Zinc
 Copper
 Selenium
 Iodine

Key Benefits:
 Provides essential nutritional care during pregnancy
 Contains essential Vitamins and minerals
 Fulfils dietary requirements of mother and newborn
 Helps to maintain health during pregnancy and breastfeeding
 Recommend by nutrition experts

Directions For Use
Take one tablet a day with your main meal. The tablet should be swallowed and not chewed with water.

Safety Information:
 Read the label carefully before use
 Keep out of the reach of children
 Do not exceed the recommended dose
 Use under medical supervision
 Keep in a cool and dry place
 Store at the temperature below 300C
West-Coast Previt Original Tablet