(packet of 10 ml Ear Drop)

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Waxo Ear Drop Contains Paradichlorobenzene, Benzocaine, Turpentine oil, and Chlorbutol.
It is indicated in Impacted ear wax, Stuffed up sensation, dulled hearing and associated ear pain.
Paradichlorobenzene is the most superior cerumenolytic agents.
Benzocaine is a local anaesthetic which acts by preventing the generation and transmission of impulses along nerve fibres and at nerve endings.
Waxo Ear Drop will relieve earache promptly, and begin to emulsify and disperse the excess/impacted cerumen, while exerting antibacterial and antifungal actions simultaneously. Waxo Ear drop improves aural hygiene and facilitates hearing. It also facilitates easy removal of wax before ear examination.
Directions for use:
Lay the patient on side with the affected ear up.
Instil 5-10 drops of Waxo into the ear canal.
Insert cotton plug into the meatus and allow to remain for about 15-30 minutes.
Clean the ear canal of the softened cerumen using a cotton swab.
Flush the ear canal gently with lukewarm water using a soft rubber syringe avoiding excess pressure.
Instil Waxo Ear Drop once again into the ear canal insert a cotton plug. This will prevent any fungal growth in the ear canal.
Continue the above procedure for one week. In event the other canal is also affected, treat it simultaneously.
Use under medical supervision.
Waxo Ear Drop