(bottle of 120 ml Liquid)

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Wow Eva Cleansing Foaming Wash contains Lactic Acid & Tea Tree Oil as its key ingredients.

Key benefits of Wow Eva Cleansing Foaming Wash:
Easy foaming pump action.
Helps maintain vaginal and menstrual hygiene.
Helps maintain healthy vaginal pH.
Helps relieve itches, inflammation, infections.
Lactic acid help keep the vaginal pH at a healthy and natural 3.5.
Tea tree essential oil, an anti-oxidant rich natural ingredient that gently eliminates odour causing bacteria and brings soothing relief.

Direction to use:
Pump a little Wow Eva Wash on palm. Apply on intimate region and rinse off using plenty of water.

Use under Medical Supervision.

This product is non-returnable.
WOW Freedom Cleansing Foaming        Wash