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Venusia Max Cream is a therapeutic moisturiser with a balanced mix of Shea butter, Glycerine, and Cocoa butter. 
This is an advanced formula which provides deep and long lasting moisturization for dry, scaly and itchy skin. This formula helps greatly in hydrating, softening and healing feet, hands, elbows and knee which require deep moisturization. Regular use of Venusia cream offers intense moisturising to prevent dryness for an extended period. Venusia max cream removes tanning and is suitable for every age. It provides long lasting moisturization, and regular use of Venusia Max Cream helps prevent dryness.
Venusia cream can be used in the following manner:
Apply the cream on the skin after shower
Spread the cream all over the skin
Massage gently for 3-5 minutes
Use as frequently as required
Note: Not recommended for oily skin
Use under Medical supervision.
Venusia Max Cream