(bottle of 60 ML lotion)

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Veracal Lotion is a perfect blend of Aloe vera, Calamine, Liquid paraffin and Vitamin E.

Aloe vera, the conventionally used and amongst the most successful beauty solutions, soothes the skin and reduces soreness and discomfort. Calamine chemically is composed of oxides of zinc and ferrous and is used for treatment of acne, scar reduction, eczema and skin problems. It is featured with properties of antiseptics, anti-itching agent and wound healing agent. It also has a component called Kaolin that helps in adding radiance to the skin.
Paraffin serves as a skin lubricant that does not allow loss of water from the skin surface. White soft paraffin and liquid paraffin together is used as a barrier cream. It hydrates, soothes and smoothens the skin. On persistent use the skin is able to retain the moisture and thereby restore its flexibility.
Vitamin E, includes both tocopherols and tocotrienols. It protects the skin from environmental pollution. Additionally the acetate form of the vitamin is an excellent moisturizer with remarkable wound healing properties.

Veracal Lotion is a non-greasy light texture which does not clog the skin pores preventing any kind of skin problems like acne, pimple and breakout. Its kaolin clay absorbs excessive oil from the face providing a clear oil free matte look every day.

Use under medical supervision.