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Urtiplex Anti Itch Lotion is a natural anti-allergic and antipruritic formulation. It soothes skin and reduces flare-ups.
Kumari gel (Aloe Vera) is very potent herb known for its skin soothing, anti inflammatory as well as antibacterial activity. 
Marigold oil (Tagetes erecta) and Sarson oil (Brassica campestris) possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity which helps in relieving itching and reduces the flare-ups. 
Menthol is beneficial for urticaria due to its cooling effect and anti pruritic potentials. 
Zinc oxide and Kokum (Garcinia indica) butter helps to soothe skin rash and hives.
Urticaria and skin rashes.
Allergic and chronic disorders of skin characterized by itching of known or unknown etiology
Prickly heat in summer.
Exhibits anti-allergic action by Relieving itching.
Exhibits antiseptic properties.
Dosage: As directed by the Physician.
Use under medical supervision.
Urtiplex Anti-Itch Lotion