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Unienzyme tablet is a dietary supplement which promotes proper digestion by accelerating the digestion process in a balanced manner. It helps to treat in case of indigestion, bloating, gas or any stomach discomfort.

Key Ingredients:
Fungal DiastaseCharcoalPapain
Key Benefits:
Unienzyme in fungal diastase is the natural pro-digestive enzyme, used in breakdown of carbohydratesUnienzyme prevents in the malabsorption of the foodPapain, extracted from pappaya in unienzyme is an enzyme that breakdowns the proteins in the stomach and helps in digestionCharcoal in unienzyme has a large adsorptive capacity, making it able to bind with unwanted substances and toxins in the stomach and pushing them out of the body
Directions For Use
You can take 1 tablet of Unienzyme after meal or use as directed by the physician.

Safety Information:
Do not exceed the recommended doseRead the label carefully before useKeep out of the reach and sight of childrenStore in a cool‚ dry and dark placeProtect from the direct sunlight
Unienzyme Tablet