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Uvex Sun protection lotion is a mineral sunscreen lauded as the next generation of sun protection.
Uvex Sun protection lotion contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which are Mineral sunscreens use to physically prevent UV rays from reaching the skin rather than chemical agents that absorb and filter UV independently.
Mineral formulas gentler on sensitive skin, and are also considered the best type of sunscreen for the acne-prone, as anti-microbial zinc oxide even has acne-fighting benefits. 
Zinc oxide a non-toxic, coral safe Zinc Oxide is scientifically proven as the world's safest and most effective UVA and UVB physical sun screen barrier 
Titanium Dioxide also non-toxic and coral reef friendly Titanium Dioxide is highly effective as an ultra violet radiation blocker 
Directions for use Uvex Sun protection lotion:
Take the sunscreen generously on your palm and apply on the exposed part of the skin
Apply atleast 20 minutes before getting under direct sunlight.
Use under medical supervision.