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Tynor K-09 Heel Cup Silicon is designed to provide soft cushioning to the foot heel. Gel spot at the site of the base of calcaneus distributes pressure and relieves pain. The mesh design greatly improves the cushioning and pleasure.
Available sizes:

S (34-36) European
M (37-39) European
L (40-42) European

Salient feature of Tynor K-09 Heel Cup Silicon:
1. Made of silicon which has a high cushioning coefficient, Long functional life, and is Odourless. Heel Cup Silicon is easy to clean and maintain.
2. Anatomical and streamlined shape ensures better weight distribution and reduces peak loading. It also helps correct body alignment and reduces strain on ligaments, muscles, and tendons
3. Extra soft spot, has focused pain relief. It relieves pressure at the base of the calcaneus.
Tynor K-02 Heel Cushion Silicon (Pair) S