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Tefroliv forte syrup assures liver protection, accelerates liver regeneration. It contains Phyllanthus niruri, Tephrosia purpurea, Eclipta alba , Andrographis paniculata, Picrorhiza kurroa , Solanum nigrum, Piper longum, Terminalia chebula and Ocimum sanctum.
Phyllanthus niruri in Tefroliv Forte has been shown to be useful in hepato-protective, hepato-regenerative, bile stimulatory and anti-inflammatory. Piper longum has been added to increase the bio-availability of the other ingredients.
Tefroliv is a combination of nine herbal ingredients, specially chosen for treating hepatic disorders. Thus, it can be used in Acute and chronic hepatitis, alcoholic liver damage, cirrhosis of the liver, anorexia, fatty liver and drug-induced hepato toxicity.
Use under Medical Supervision
Tefroliv Syrup