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Suthol Antiseptic Skin Liquid is a smarter way to fight against Prickly Heat, Itches and Skin Rashes. Suthol antiseptic skin liquid contains Cetrimide, Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Neem, Turmeric, Marigold and Aloe vera.
Being liquid Suthol penetrates deep within skin carrying its healing and protective ingredients to provide you with the best protection and relief against skin problems.
Cetrimide has bactericidal activity used for treatment of wounds and burns, for pre-operative cleansing of skin and for removal of scabs and crusts in skin disease.
Turmeric prevents rashes, infections, itching and redness of skin.
Aqueous extract of Neem leaf prevents rashes and itching.
Marigold Flower extract prevents skin infections and rashes.
Direction for Use:
Spray Suthol liberally on the body, after water bath.
Apply Suthol as many times as needed on the skin irritations, itches and rashes, regularly for at least a week.
Use under medical supervision
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