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Sunstop 19 Cream contains Zinc oxide. Sunstop 19 Cream is not a beauty cream, rather it is a medicated cream recommended by expert dermatologists for skin problems. Due to the sudden changes in weather conditions the experiences skin itching and heavy peeling off, also a burning sensation on sun exposure.

Sunstop 19 Cream revitalizes the appearance of sun exposed skin with SPF 15, no skin whitening and chalky look, protects the skin against sun burns, suitable for all skin types, PABA (Para Amino Benzoic acid) Free, water resistant, non-greasy.
Sunstop 19 is a cream against UVA/UVB rays for protection against sun burns. It contains sun protective agents; helps reduce signs of sun damage having antioxidant and anti-ageing activity. It provides maximum broad spectrum protection with very high protection and four hours water and sweat resistance.

Direction for use:
Use half an hour before going out in sun.

Use under medical supervision.
Sunstop 19 Cream