(bottle of 15 ml Gum Paint)

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Stolin Gum paint is a combination of Tannic acid, Zinc Chloride and Cetrimide. Stolin gum paint is used in Bleeding , Swollen , Spongy & Receding/ Loose Gums
Role of Key ingredients
Tannic Acid an astringent that relieves swollen , spongy , Loose / receeding gums . Tannic acid precipitates the proteins that cause skin cells to contract. It reduces bleeding from minor abrassions.
Zinc Chloride , hemostatic agent & astringent that relieves / stops bleeding. It also promotes healing and toughens the skin.
Cetrimide an antibacterial that reduces the bacterial manifestation .

Directions of use:
Stolin gum pain is to be massaged gently sufficient over the affected area of the gums .
Use under medical supervision.

Stolin Gum Astringent Paint