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Stimuliv syrup contain Kalmegh, Bhringaraj, Bhumi amala, Katuki, Guduchi, Chitrak,Nimba, Kumari, Sarpunkha. Stimuliv tablets are used in Loss of appetite and Jaundice. It is also used for:
Supportive therapy in viral hepatitis and toxic hepatitis
Drug induced hepatitis and alcoholic hepatitis
Role of Key ingredients:

Katuki protects the liver and helps lower cholesterol, and it also has anti-hepatitis B activity. Its components are strong antioxidants, stimulate liver regeneration, are anti-inflammatory, and maintain bile volume and flow. 
Kalmegh is an herb that is used for disorders of the bowel and liver, and has diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties. 
Bhumi amala is effective for jaundice and helps block the virus which causes hepatitis B. 
Bhringaraj protect the liver from toxicity. 

All the ingredients in Stimuliv are potent, safe and highly effective liver support product to improve the liver's function and prevent liver damage. 
Use under medical supervision
Stimuliv Syrup