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Nirocil syrup contains Tamalaki, Guduchi, Eranda and Yashada bhasma. Tamalaki is proven to have beneficial role in non-bacterial respiratory tract infections. Whereas , Guduchi has potent immuno-modulatory properties.
All the upper respiratory tract infections are caused by viruses not by the bacteria’s and the choice of treatment is Anti bacterials only so Nirocil becomes the treatment of choice in that case. Nirocil is effective in viral upper respiratory tract infections like influenza, rhinitis, Sore throat cute. Since it acts against viruses, it is also effective in chronic viral hepatitis and other viral infections like mumps, measles, warts.
Key Benefits:
Accelerates the clinical recovery
Reduces severity of infections
Protects the Liver
Directions of use:
Children: 5ml thrice daily
Adults: 10-15ml thrice daily
Use under Medical Supervision
Solumiks Nirocil Syrup Pack of 2