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Ashotone tablet is an effective herbomineral remedy for management of excessive menstrual bleeding due to menorrhagia and dysfunctional uterine bleeding.
It contains extracts of Ashoka,Ashwagandha,Shatavari,Lodhra, along with Kulanjana,Gokshura,Daruharidra,Haritaki,Shveta sariva, Shveta chandana,Pippali, Katuka and Kaseesa bhasma.
Role of key ingredients:
Ashoka effectively controls bleeding.
Ashwagandha combats stress and promotes physical and mental health.
Shatavari and Lodhra are uterine muscle relaxants,which control menorrhagia.
Ashotone tablet significantly reduces duration and  amount of bleeding, regularises bleeding pattern and relieves stress and anxiety associated with menstruation.
Directions for use:

Take one tablet thrice daily for three consecutive cycles or as directed by physician.
Use under medical supervision.
Solumiks Ashotone Tablet