(packet of 16 tampons)

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Sirona Premium Applicator Normal Flow Tampons are made from natural absorbent fibres. The eight grooves along the length of the tampon regulate its even expansion and thus enhance its absorption and reliability. Made of 100% Viscose fibres.
Salient features of Sirona Premium Applicator Normal Flow Tampons:
- Comfort: Smooth & rounded applicator tip for easy insertion and no stains, leakage, odour or rashes.
- Discreet: Smaller than traditional applicators & highly absorbent.
- Functionality: Expands in width for a perfect fit & zero leakage.
- Quality: Registered and approved by FDA.
Direction for use/Dosage:
- Pull out the inner tube till the bottom of the outer tube from the applicator (plastic tube).
- Round tip should be gently placed into the vaginal opening.
- Keep hold of the applicator and with the index finger gently push the inner tube into the outer tube.
- The tampon has been inserted once the inner tube is pressed completely.
- Gently remove the applicator.
- Sit on the toilet seat and gently pull out the tampon
Safety information:
- In case of heavy flow change the tampon frequently usually every 4-6 hours.
- The tampons should be used only during periods one tampon at a time.
- The use of the tampon should be avoided overnight and no need to change the tampon every time after urination.
- If "Toxic Shock Syndrome" symptoms appear, then one must remove the tampon at once & discontinue use and visit the physician immediately.
- Read the instruction leaflet carefully before use.
This product is non-returnable.
Sirona Premium Applicator Normal Flow Tampons