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Sioneuron Forte Tablet is a combination of vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, calcium pantothenate and nicotinamide. Neurotropic (Vitamin B12) refers to a group of water-soluble vitamins. It has high biological activity. Neurotropic (Vitamin B12) is necessary for normal hematopoiesis (promotes maturation of erythrocytes), is involved in the processes of transmethylation, hydrogen transport, synthesis of methionine, nucleic acids, choline, creatine. It also contributes to the accumulation in erythrocytes of compounds containing sulfhydryl groups, has a beneficial effect on liver function and the nervous system, activates the coagulation of blood and in high doses causes an increase in the activity of thromboplastin and prothrombin. It has overall health benefits as well.

Sioneuron Forte Tablet is recommended for neurological disorders and peripheral neuropathy.

Use under medical supervision.
Sioneuron Forte Tablet