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Sinew Nutrition Combo Pack of Micronised Creatine Monohydrate and Pure L-Glutamine Powder:

Sinew Nutrition Micronised Creatine Monohydrate Powder contains micronized creatine monohydrate as its active ingredient.

Key benefits of Sinew Nutrition Micronised Creatine Monohydrate Powder:
It absorbs instantly into the body to give a continuous supply of energy to the muscles.
Improves your athletic performance by quickly resynthesizing ATP during high-intensity activities.
It also stimulates protein synthesis to help you attain lean muscle mass.
Increased protein synthesis and muscle volumization.

Direction for use:
Loading phase (5-7days): One serving (5g) with 200ml of water or non-acidic beverage of choice four times a day for 5 days.
Maintenance phase (21 days): One serving (5g) with 200 ml of water or non-acidic beverage of choice once a day, preferably post workout.

Sinew Nutrition Pure L-Glutamine Powder contains 'L-Glutamine' which is the most abundant amino acid in the body and stored in the skeletal muscles. It plays an important role in muscle protein synthesis and is a great way to supplement amino acid in a diet, which could help athletes and active adults to better support their training and recovery. This supplement can help in the speedy recovery of your muscle tissues from fatigue and soreness caused due to tough workouts.

Key benefits of Sinew Nutrition Pure L-Glutamine Powder:
It supports muscle growth and inhibits muscle breakdown.
It helps stimulate protein synthesis, glucosamine synthesis which is the critical joint compound and prevents the breakdown of muscles.
It assists in speeding up recovery after a workout, improve metabolism and immune system.
It improves the functional and structural integrity of intestinal tissues.

The direction of use:
Take 1 scoop with water or your favorite beverage. Then mix it up with a spoon, stir & consume immediately.

Safety information:
Pregnant, nursing women or individual taking any medications, consult the doctor before use.
Not recommended for children.

Use under medical supervision.
Sinew Nutrition Combo Pack of Micronised Creatine Monohydrate, 300g and Pure L-Glutamine Powder, 330gm Unflavoured