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SHY-NM is a revolutionary approach for revitalizing the tooth naturally which has advanced technology called NovaMin. SHY-NM reduces sensitivity, promotes healthier gums and re-calcifies the tooth enamel naturally. 
NovaMin a white, tasteless powder—is a compound made from elements found in healthy bones and teeth: calcium, phosphorus, silica and sodium (Ca, P, Si and Na). Each microscopic NovaMin particle delivers Ca, P, Si and Na. When exposed to moisture, the particles instantly release billions of mineral ions, forming a hard and strong hydroxycarbonate apatite (HCA) layer on tooth dentin and enamel, repairing lesions that cause sensitivity. NovaMin critical fourth ingredient—sodium—causes the saliva to become alkaline, speeding the formation of the HCA layer for faster sensitivity relief. 
Applied in one easy step, NovaMin in SHY-NM continue releasing sodium ions for up to seven days, providing long-lasting desensitizing and remineralization.
SHY-NM achieves this more quickly and more effectively than nature itself. 
Use under medical supervision.
Shy-NM Toothpaste