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Sensodent - K Toothpaste non-fluoridated toothpaste that provides clinically proven rapid relief for sensitive teeth. It works to relieve tooth sensitivity rapidly when directly applied to the gums. It has been formulated to create a physical seal against sensitivity triggers and works by producing nerve desensitization.

Key Ingredients:
5% w/w Potassium Nitrate
Key Benefits:
It provides long lasting sensitivity relief and cavity protectionIt relieves sensations caused by sensitive teethWorks by calming the nerves in the teeth and reducing pain from the sensitive teeth
Directions For Use:
Apply at least a 1-inch strip of product onto a soft bristle toothbrushBrush teeth thoroughly for at least 1 minute twice a day (morning and evening), and not more than 3 times a day as prescribed by the dentist
Safety Information:
Read the label carefully before useDo not exceed the recommended doseKeep out of the reach of childrenStore at a temperature below 25-degree Celsius and 40 % humidity in cool and dry placeShould be protected from direct light
Sensodent - K Toothpaste