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Salytar Ointment contains Salicylic Acid, precipitated Sulphur, and coal tar which is exclusively formulated for the treatment of Psoriasis and other skin conditions associated with scaling and inflammation. It quickly relieves the irritating and unsightly symptoms of psoriasis.

Coal Tar controls and reduces inflammation and itching
Salicylic Acid helps in removal of excessive skin build-up
Precipitated Sulphur prevents drying & helps in fast healing

Benefits of Salytar Ointment:
Reduces inflammation - reduces itching and redness.
Clears excess scale - softens and removes scale.
Reduces cell proliferation - assists in the restoration of skin to its normal condition.
Re-moisturises and repairs affected skin tissue.

Salytar Ointment is very effective in the control of the scaling of seborrhoea, seborrhoeic dermatitis and psoriasis of the scalp.

Direction for use:
Apply to affected area two or three times a day until lesions have disappeared.

Use under medical supervision
Salytar Ointment