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Sorbalgon Bandage can be used for all external wounds but is particularly suitable for bleeding and secreting wounds as its gel formation mechanism promotes wound healing. The soft, fibre-reinforced fabric of Sorbalgon Bandage is easy to place, making it suitable for jagged and deep wounds.
Sorbalgon Bandage compresses and helps to create a favourable wound environment, promoting both granulation and epithelialization and makes it possible to change bandages without irritating newly formed tissue.

Other benefits:
Soft, fibre-reinforced fabric.
Blood and wound secretion is transformed into gel-like material upon contact with sodium salts.
Can be draped easily.
Easily adapts to the wound surface.
Highly absorbent (germ-contaminated exudate is absorbed and bound by the fibres).
Supports wound cleaning.
Prevents the wound from drying out.
Regulates physiological secretion.
Creates a favourable micro environment.
Supports granulation and epithelialisation.
Keeps wound areas supple.
Does not stick to the wound and therefore protects newly formed tissue.
Well tolerated, even during long-term use.

Use under Medical supervision.