(bottle of 60 ML suspension)

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Softylax aids in easy bowel movements. It is a solution of liquid paraffin 3.75 mL, magnesium hydroxide 11.25 mL and sodium picosulfate 5 mg/15 mL. Magnesim hydroxide is an antacid which lowers the hyperacidity in stomach. It also increases water in the intestine and can act as a laxative. Liquid paraffin softens the stools thereby helping in constipation. Sodium picosulfate is metabolized by the gut bacteria to its active form. The active form stimulates bowel movements by increasing water and electrolyte secretion in the intestine. Most common side effects include cramps and diarrhea
Other uses:
As a laxative, purgatives before diagnostics or for post-operative conditions. 
For relief of irritable bowel syndrome in cardiac and elderly patients, for treatment of hernia and anorectal disorders.
Dose should be taken at bedtime preferably with water or as directed by the physician
Use under medical supervision