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Sitcom tablets contain Euphorbia prostrata extract which has been found effective for treatment of bleeding hemorrhoids. Euphorbia prostrata is quite effective in controlling hemorrhoidal bleeding and alleviating symptoms of the disease because of the various contents it has. It is non-toxic and may be given orally without loss of efficiency. 
Beneficial effects of Euphorbia prostrata in hemorrhoids have multiple mechanisms, which include improvement of venous tone, increased lymphatic drainage, protection of capillary bed microcirculation, inhibition of inflammatory reactions, and reduced capillary permeability
Euphorbia extract contains flavonoids, phenolics and phenolic acids. Flavonoids and phenolic acid have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidant, haemostatic, antithrombotic and vasoprotective actions.This contributes in healing of inflammatory tissue damage in hemorrhoidal conditions.
Use under Medical Supervision