(bottle of 30 ml Dilution)

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It is used in cases of burning with micturition and also itching.
It is used swelling of mouth and throat, with violent burning pains.
It is used in eye conditions like chemosis of the conjunctiva, erysipelatous inflammation of lids.
This is also used in female problems like left ovary markedly affected, with Frequent burning, micturition, sacral pains extending up back.
Female with menstruation preceded by depression, pain, pressure, and constipation.
Also used in male problems like swelling of penis and foreskin.
Also used in skin conditions like boils with stinging and soreness, relieved by bathing with vinegar.
Erythema multiforme relieved by bathing with vinegar.
Erythema with intense itching and burning.
Wheals, macules and swellings with burning, stinging and soreness.

Use under medical supervision.
SBL Vespa Crabro Dilution 6 CH