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This homeopathic remedy is prepared from the plant White hellebore. It is best suited for the following indication- 
Stomach and intestines- Severe gastroenteritis with both severe, watery loose motions, abdominal cramps, and vomiting. Dehydration with icy cold skin and bluish hue in the body. 
A shock like a state due to dehydration causing excessive dryness of mouth, making tongue stick to the roof of the mouth. 
Cold sweat on the face and cold tip of the nose.
Head- Cases of fainting with dehydration and after surgery. 
Muscle and calf cramps in the body 
Excessive hunger and thirst for icy cold water, but water is vomited as soon as it reaches stomach 
Delusions (faulty imaginations) especially that he is god. Tries to kiss everyone/ bite everyone. 
Self-righteous behaviour 
Angry temperament 
The despair of going to hell. Worse in cold weather, better by warmth. 
Dose- As prescribed by the physician. Can be taken along with allopathic medicines. 
Maintain half an hour gap between food/drink/any other medicines and homeopathic medicine. 
Avoid any strong smell in the mouth while taking medicine e.g. camphor, garlic, onion, coffee, hing. 

Use under medical supervision.
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