(tube of 25 gm Gel)

SBL Pvt Ltd

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SBL Sulphur gel is anti-bacterial in nature. It is indicated for dry, unhealthy skin, eczema, rashes, skin affections, itching, pimple eruption, pustules.

Key Ingredients:
Sulphur 1 x in ointment base ((White Petrolatum, Paraffin andLanoin)
Key Benefits:
It treats dry, scaly, unhealthy skin addressing any skin affectionsTreats itching, burning, scratching and rashesPrevents pimple eruption, pustules, rhagades, hang-nailsCure eczema
Directions For Use:
Apply on the affected area two times in a day or as prescribed by the physician

Safety Information:
Read the label carefully before useDo not exceed the recommended doseKeep out of the reach of children
SBL Sulphur Gel