(bottle of 30 ml Mother Tincture)

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Raphanus Sativus Mother Tincture is a homepathic medicine meant for treatment of various ailments. It contains a blend of herbs and black garden radish. 
Raphanus sativus treatment for Head ailments: 
Sadness, aversion to children, especially girls. 
Headache, brain feels tender and sore. 
Oedema of lower eyelids. 
Mucus in posterior nares. 
Raphanus sativus treatment for Throat ailments: 
Hot-ball feeling from uterus to throat, stopping there. 
Heat and burning in throat. 
Raphanus sativus treatment for Stomach ailments: 
Putrid eructations. 
Burning in epigastrium, followed by hot eructation. 
Raphanus sativus treatment for Abdomen ailments: 
Retching and vomiting, loss of appetite. 
Distended, tympanitic, hard. 
No flatus emitted upward or downward. Griping about navel. 
Stool liquid, frothy, profuse, brown, with colic, and pad-like swelling of intestines. 
Vomiting of fecal matter. 
Raphanus sativus treatment for Female ailments: 
Nervous irritation of genitals. 
Menses very profuse and long-lasting. Nymphomania, with aversion to her own sex and to children, and sexual insomnia.
Use under medical supervision
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